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Tips for back to school

It’s back to school again, the summer’s over and the kids are back in action.  

Powerhouse knows this can get crazy as you re-adjust to the changing schedule, so here are 3 simple tips to help make sure your home and family inside is always secure.  

Sometimes you are running a bit behind, it’s easy to forget to secure the house.

Have your smartphone connected to your home security devices.  Now from anywhere, get alerts that let you know what has not been secured,  and you will have the ability to remotely control your smart locks, garage door, or security system.

It now takes a simple button touch to secure the home.

Work doesn’t end when school does, while you are at the office you can still make sure the kids made it home safely.  

With your smartphone connected to your security devices, you can get automatic alerts about who has unlocked the door. By giving your kids their own security code to the house, and setting up a user alert for that code. Now when they unlock the door, your security system will recognizes their code and sends you a notification they have made it home.

Along with that you can receive smart video clips from your front door, activated by your child’s code entry, delivered to your phone. Now you can know if your kids are alone or have a but friends in tow.  

A simple notification and smart video clip will let you know the kids are home safe.

When you were a kid you probably had your mind on raiding the pantry, and not on making sure the front door shut all the way. Your kids are probably doing the same.  But now with safeguards built into your home security system, you can be alerted if the door has not been fully shut. This feature will let you know that you are heating the neighborhood. Fortunately this alert can also be set to adjust the thermostat to keep your energy bill down

Now you know you kids are safe and the home is secure with them inside.

It going to be a great school year.

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